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For too long, organisations have made important decisions based on poor quality data and reports that have been pulled together manually and from multiple sources. You may be using inconsistent and error prone formats which take time and resource to consolidate.

DNASTREAM can help you implement easy to use technology that collates your data automatically, in a consistent format that suits your business. This can save you time, leaving you free to focus on analysing and making smart decisions.

DNASTREAM delivers a cost-effective way to enjoy all the benefits of Business Intelligence packages used by multinational corporations.


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  • At home you regularly use apps that deliver everything and anything you want to your smart phone or other devices. This might not be matched by your professional experience of BI, which tends to be more rigid and difficult to adapt you’re your changing needs.
  • Do your analysts spend much of their time producing reports rather than giving the wider business a genuine understanding?  Does your team generate data rather than
    actionable insight?
  • Is your company stuck on inflexible technology platforms that are costly to maintain and require large teams to produce standardised content?  Your IT team can be constrained by security policies, procedures and culture not the best starting point for creating innovative app-like content.
  • Does your business consider their analytics team as a sunk cost churning out data, rather than a responsive, flexible, value-adding asset that is vital for the future of this business?

There is a definite sense of excitement in DNASTREAM about Yellowfin – it’s a product that really helps ‘complete the picture’ for our customers.

Andy Milner on Yellowfin, DNASTREAM

DNASTREAM has an outstanding reputation for listening carefully to the needs of its clients and delivering projects and software solutions that produce both fast and long lasting value.

Peter Baxter, Yellowfin

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Salesforce Field Service

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Yellowfin Cloud


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