Why rolling out solutions to your mobile workforce is not your average IT project

The normal challenges of an IT project are amplified whenever they are applied to a mobile workforce.  The issues can be practical, technical and cultural.

  • It can be hard even to get people in the room for training. Management can be reluctant to take workers “off the road”, there can be shift commitments, dispersed locations and travel expenses.  Your staff may not be convinced of the need for change, so motivation for training can be low.
  • Office workers tend to be more used to using day to day technology, this may not be the case for a field workforce. There can be resistance as users are not seeing the upside for them. The benefits of technology are often conceived, or at least perceived, as management benefits.
  • Things that work well in head office don’t always work in the field. You could be using an untested combination of applications, devices, connectivity, security protocols and situations.
What it means to you

DNASTREAM can offer all of the support that you expect of typical IT project delivery – project management, implementation, training, rollout – whilst addressing the specific challenges of a mobility project.

We can support you by anticipating the issues to avoid common pitfalls.  Wherever you are in the project lifecycle we can help. At the beginning of a project we can help design risk out; if you’re half way through we can pilot your solution to destruction.

DNASTREAM have the experience to provide a rigorous reality check to any head office assumptions, both technical and cultural

We recognise the end user as a critical stakeholder in the success of any project. Our approach sees the importance of understanding change from the end user point of view. We dig deep to understand and demonstrate the benefits for them and deal with potential issues

Our clients

DNASTREAM has an outstanding reputation for listening carefully to the needs of its clients and delivering projects and software solutions that produce both fast and long lasting value.

Peter Baxter, Yellowfin

DNASTREAM supported Vodafone Fields Management Service. Our existing Dispatch Centre Teams learnt very quickly because of the quality of the portal and user friendly training materials.

Shaun Phillips, Vodafone UK

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Salesforce Field Service

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