Space-Time Insight

DNASTREAM are able to offer a comprehensive and fast-to-deploy asset analytics solution, with Space-Time Insight , that can be integrated with other solutions to deliver real business benefits.

Space-Time Insight solutions can liberate companies in asset-intensive industries from a fragmented view of the big picture, providing the context and clarity they need to make fast, confident decisions.

The problem of fragmented data

Utilities investing in smart devices must understand and act on the massive volumes of data in siloed systems across their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures.

Looking at data in tables, spreadsheets and multiple isolated systems makes it difficult to spot and respond to issues and anomalies, leading operators to make “best guesses” instead of well-informed decisions.

From data gathering to analysis

While utility companies are embracing the “smart” revolution, they are often hampered by decades-old infrastructure, tribal knowledge, increasing demands from customers, tighter regulations, and legacy systems.  With many users spending 80% of their time finding data and only 20% analysing it, new approaches are needed.

Real time analysis

Space-Time Insight’s patented technology enables real-time analysis and visualisation of any and all data to illuminate the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation.

DNASTREAM can work with you to deliver a solution that works across the assets that you manage.

Cost effective asset management

Advanced analytics help utility personnel maintain, operate and replace aging infrastructure; optimize capital expenditures; reduce operational expenses; comply with regulatory mandates; and manage risk and reliability.

These assessments and tools enable you to increase reliability and safety of operations while lowering costs.

I firmly believe that a small, select team of highly skilled professionals can deliver excellence and assure success

Andy Milner, DNASTREAM