BI-as-a-Service - Business Reporting Made Easy with Yellowfin Cloud Powered by DNASTREAM

Cloud computing is formatively changing the way organisations source analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions. It offers huge potential to reduce cost of ownership, speed up time to deployment and deliver value to business professionals faster than ever before. In fact, according to Gartner, the majority of licenses and new BI investment is expected to be in cloud deployments by 2020.

Data should be for everyone, not just the analysts or data scientists. So whether your focus is on finance or sales, transitioning to the cloud means that your entire business can benefit from data driven insights and business analytics. Yet, depending on which survey you read, the failure rate for BI projects is anywhere from 50% – 80%.

Working with an independent, specialist consultancy like DNASTREAM to deliver a flexible, scalable cloud BI solution can help you to navigate these challenges and ensure that you have the support you need to deliver results.

End-to-End Managed Service

DNASTREAM is a strategic Yellowfin partner with a key strength in delivering ‘time to value’. We are trusted by our clients to be open minded and honest and even though we possess a wealth of experience across a wide range of BI technologies, we have found that a BI tool on its own is often not enough.

The Yellowfin Cloud powered by DNASTREAM, gives you access to a complete service that will help ensure the success of your BI project. It combines secure, UK-based cloud hosting, market leading local expertise and Yellowfin’s award-winning software to give you a highly accessible, and cost-effective BI solution as-a-service.

Feature & Benefits

Yellowfin Cloud provides you with project management, solution implementation, training and support delivered by experienced DNASTREAM consultants to drive your BI-as-a-Service delivery. We have a specific focus on user adoption, with ongoing guidance to ensure your data and reporting is set up effectively.

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Set Up

Access to your Yellowfin Cloud instance can be made available within 24 hours. It’s fast to set up and you’ll avoid the cost and complications of traditional on-premise deployments as there is no need to procure, install, or maintain any hardware or software. To get started, DNASTREAM will work with you to set up your nominated users and guide you through defining your first data source connections and creating your first reports.

Data Security

In partnership with Mandant, a specialist partner of DNASTREAM, Yellowfin Cloud is hosted in a leading London-based Tier III data centre offering N+N redundancy on UPS, and N+1 on all other critical services. These ultra-secure facilities provide 99.5 per cent uptime and resilient DR, with daily back up to another data centre in the UK.

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Personalised Support

Support is included across all service plans, with defined service levels to give you confidence that any request will be dealt with appropriately. This means you can get the most from Yellowfin Cloud from the start.

With our Starter and Intermediate Plans, you get email and web-based support on UK working days between 8am and 6pm. With our Advanced Plan, you also get access to telephone support.

Choosing Your Plan

You can begin with the Starter Plan – free for 30 days – which gives you the opportunity to see how the solution works and understand how Yellowfin Cloud could support your business, with guidance from DNASTREAM.

You can then choose to move on to an Intermediate or Advanced Plan that includes specific support from DNASTREAM to help you get going such as training for your key users and a package of services to cover on-boarding, assistance with integrating your data sources and guidance on report development.

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Our clients

There is a definite sense of excitement in DNASTREAM about Yellowfin – it’s a product that really helps ‘complete the picture’ for our customers.

Andy Milner on Yellowfin, DNASTREAM

It was a pleasure to work with DNASTREAM. They are totally professional and have a desire to really help and make a difference for their customers.

Charlene Jackson , B&Q