Andy Milner tells us about Rapid Launch

team-andy-milnerDNASTREAM is proud of its unique Rapid Launch approach to training and learning development.  But what exactly do we mean by Rapid Launch?

Here Andy Milner, Managing Director, gives the low down on what Rapid Launch could do for you.


As briefly as you can, what is Rapid Launch?

Rapid Launch provides a lifecycle approach to educating, training and supporting knowledge transfer in businesses. It combines user-friendly e-Learning content and a simple, widely accessible, customer branded portal to reach all areas of the workforce.

Rapid Launch provides interactive and realistic training scenarios so stakeholders can visualise a change and try new things in a safe environment. It can be particularly useful for managing IT projects where it can make the roll out quicker and less risky. It can be used for the implementation of software systems but also for other softer skills training and performance management.

What type of companies use Rapid Launch?

Rapid Launch can be used in any organisation, with any user types – but it can be especially useful to help launch new IT solutions or assist in implementing changes to business process.

What problems does Rapid Launch solve?

It can be used to help you gain an understanding of software solutions early on in the project lifecycle. We can use it produce training materials saving you the resource, time, cost and expertise issues.  You don’t need to have a dedicated live training environment (especially where mobile solutions are concerned).  And you don’t need to have your own Learning Management System (LMS). It also helps you maintain training materials during the project lifecycle and onwards into business-as-usual.

Who particularly benefits from Rapid Launch?

The whole project team, project sponsors, testers, trainers, end users and support staff… well as the project budget holder.

When’s the best time to start using Rapid Launch? 

The easier question would be when is it “not” a good time to use Rapid Launch. It has benefits during the initial start-up phase, the requirements gathering and design phases, for ‘Roadshow’ type sessions for company engagement, to train the trainers, for end user training and for ongoing helpdesk support.

How does Rapid Launch save me money?

Rapid Launch provides a very effective means of producing training material. Rapid Launch means that you don’t need to buy any software to help you build your training content or to set up and maintain live training environments. We will maintain the Rapid Launch learning assets, making sure that they stay relevant and keep delivering.  It makes the most of your investment in these assets ensuring higher adoption beyond go-live and fewer support calls.

We offer a flexible, subscription-based model without the need for extensive investment in infrastructure or staff. Using Rapid Launch training means you can train in the most sensible and cost effective way for your business. The Rapid Launch portal allows you to measure progress and identify and solve issues early.

What does it cost?

Less than you may think.  The model is dependent on the number of end users, the number of lessons that are created and  maintained and the number of potential changes per year. But the charges can be tailored to what you need and the problems you want us to solve.

Which customers are using Rapid Launch?

Our customers include National Grid, National Grid Metering, Vodafone, Ziggo, Fujitsu, Bristol City Council, SGN, Thomas Cook, Telecom Italia etc.

OK Andy I’m convinced, what next?

Email me and we will set up a login to our portal and give you a webex to walk through the portal and some sample content. Easy.