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Delivering and adopting organisational change can be a challenge in any organisation and it can be easier to focus on readily measurable, tangible technical milestones and outcomes. We know that a successful project, that delivers the expected benefits and enduring change to ways of working, is very dependent on ensuring enthusiastic take up by end users and establishing the motivation to overcome any inevitable teething problems. Nurturing grit and resilience in the organisation is an important factor in making sure the necessary change takes hold.

Giving a Presentation
Business Gathering


We ensure your stakeholders are properly engaged and have active participation in setting the tone of the change initiative, whilst helping to facilitate effective and visible leadership that inspires end users and gives a real sense of commitment to change.


Our approach ensures that stakeholders at all levels are properly engaged and involved, helping to build enthusiasm for the future ways of working and nurturing an atmosphere where people look to overcome challenges rather than see obstacles.



Built on our experience of previous numerous engagements and best practices, we have developed a comprehensive Organisational Change Framework that includes a range of proven methods, tools and techniques to help us get to work quickly.


We help to get your programmes and projects set up for success, aligning the expected business benefits with the change plan and implementing robust methods to track and measure progress towards understanding, commitment and adoption.

DNASTREAM's ethos is about driving value, so won’t look to place a large team of consultants or bring pre-set ideas.  Instead, using our deep experience and guided by our Organisational Change Framework, we will work with you to construct the right approach, making sure your people are at the heart of the change that you want to achieve. We make this a key part of what we focus on with all our clients.

We believe that it's the people who make all the difference in delivering business benefit from technology, which is why we focus our efforts to be sensitive and pragmatic about what will work for your organisation.

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