DNASTREAM understands how to address the challenges and deliver the benefits of deploying ClickSoftware solutions to transform the performance of mobile field service organisations.  Our focus on stakeholder engagement and establishing trusted relationships with those impacted by the change has been shown to make a real difference to the success of these types of project.



ClickSoftware's sophisticated technology optimizes field service delivery, increases agility and maximizes return on investmentsby using advanced capabilities that combines several algorithmic approaches with practical input from the scheduling team.


ClickSoftware’s Machine Learning Cloud empowers service organizations to provide better service to end-customers with predictive insights derived by field service specific AI and data science, enabling data-driven decisions, identification of patterns in historical data and insight into what factors affect job duration.


Mobility is now the key channel by which the field service professional gets the right information, in the right context, at the right time about the job, the customer, the asset, or others in the field workforce who can assist when needed. ClickSoftware’s mobile workforce management software provides role and industry-specific functionality, to which virtually limitless capabilities can be added.


ClickSoftware’s Customer Experience Management software gives service providers multiple bi-directional communication channels with customers. From the moment the customer has a need for service, to the time immediately following completion of the work, the customer gains greater insight into the service process and the increased communication can significantly improve the quality of service.


Accurate forecasting of service demand can improve business performance and enable organizations to increase customer satisfaction, ensure SLA compliance, manage service costs and optimize resource utilization. Clicksoftware's Demand Forecasting solution provides the first link in the service chain, setting the stage for planners to create an accurate resource plan based on historical data.


ClickSoftware’s solution for resource capacity planning delivers the ability to optimize and integrate tactical and execution decisions, and to align and scale these decisions, to reduce lost time and missed customer commitments.

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