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Global SAP SuccessFactors implementation 


National Grid needed strong and experienced programme management support to ensure the successful delivery the YouConnect Programme, a global implementation of SAP SuccessFactors, which included extensive integration into other applications..


What we did

As part of a broader programme of IS transformation within National Grid, the YouConnect programme was established to introduce SAP SuccessFactors for a wide range of human capital management (HCM) processes on a global basis.


DNASTREAM was approached to support the programme and appointed a senior programme manager to take ownership of the enterprise architecture function and a senior level resource to address the enduring support work stream. 


DNASTREAM assumed overall responsibility for managing the enterprise architecture function for the programme across UK and US, to address the previous difficulties.


As a result the Enterprise architecture function brought back to a stable position at ‘green’ status within two weeks.  We supported the deliver of robust enterprise architecture processes, including the design authority board established and embedded, and extended to align across several IS programmes. 


We introduced the effective issue management across the solution landscape to ensure visibility, ownership and fast resolution. DNASTREAM saw the successful recovery of the enduring support work stream within six weeks and transition to ongoing work stream lead.

What the customer said...

“Debbie [Turner] was brought into the programme to provide leadership and direction to our architecture work stream, a workstream that had previously been struggling to keep control of its deliverables. Debbie’s passionate drive for results and outcomes has meant that the work stream quickly regained control and has been high performing ever since. Debbie now supports the programme leadership team with troubleshooting some of the top issues across the programme.

Paul [Windsor] was appointed on a six week assignment to recover a failing work stream. The work stream was tasked with defining and implementing a support model across two regions and several business departments. Paul covered a tremendous amount of ground in the six weeks and successfully landed a high level support model with a plan for implementation. The work stream was successfully transitioned to a new lead and remains under control. Paul’s experience and style of working were key in recovering this work stream."

Andy Brown, IS Programme Delivery Manager

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