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Industrial and Commercial metering SAP implementation


National Grid I&C Metering needed specialist support for the implementation of SAP to support its work and asset management, procurement, billing and finance processes.


What we did

National Grid had implemented SAP for the domestic part of the business but found that this solution did not fully meet the requirements of the Industrial and Commercial (I&C) metering division.

Due to the complexity and specific requirements of this part of the business I&C used a large number of disparate systems. Some of these systems integrated with SAP but others didn’t. As a result it was necessary for a significant amount of data manipulation to take place outside of SAP to produce both customer and management information.


DNASTREAM provided programme management and industry-experienced SAP implementation specialists to help achieve a successful project delivery.


DNASTREAM were able to bring their utility knowledge to National Grid to understand the specific issues and complex requirements of the I&C metering business.

This allowed the business to come together under the same solution, whilst still maintaining the particular business requirements of each part of the business.

Having been through a SAP implementation before, National Grid were able to appreciate the benefits of having DNASTREAM on board with their experience and expertise to focus on this project and deliver the right solution on time and to budget.

What the customer said...

“The project encompassed significant SAP and business change elements. DNASTREAM added a strong team of project and programme managers and industry-experienced consultants who brought significant leadership, drive and experience to bear.

The result was a timely project delivery and excellent adherence to the budget. I would recommend DNASTREAM to other organisations that are looking to ensure their SAP Programmes are successful and cost effective."

Nigel Taylor, Portfolio Lead Metering and Onstream Programmes, National Grid

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