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Change Programme - Technology and Mobile applications

This UK utility company had embarked on a programme to deliver new mobile technology to its field engineers and a major upgrade of all hardware and core software applications for its office-based staff and management. They required an experienced change management and training partner across their UK-wide locations.

What we did

DNASTREAM assumed overall responsibility for managing the change management, training delivery and on-site deployment, including:

  • Carrying regular and comprehensive Change Readiness Assessments to understand the ability of the organisation to effectively deployand the progression towards readiness.

  • Developing the overall programme Change Strategy to address the key areas of change impact and establish a range of tools and techniques to ensure the successful adoption of change  

  • Defining a Stakeholder Map and Stakleholder Engagement Plan for the programme, including the Communication Plan. 

  • Creating a Training Needs Analysis to define the required training curriculums and roles, along with identifying the existing knowledge spectrum

  • Developing the training plans and creating training materials to support deployment of smartphones and new applications to all field-based and management staff nationally

  • Delivering classroom-based smartphone training nationally, across 40 sites and covering approximately 3,000 users

  • Developing the training plans and creating training material to support deployment of approximately 2,000 upgraded laptops and desktop


Smartphones were deployed and trained out to 3,000 users within nine weeks and Tablets were deployed and trained out to 3,000 users within 13 weeks. Laptops and Desktop upgrades were deployed and trained out to 2,000 users within 9 weeks, concurrently with the tablets.


There was successful adoption of all new applications and technology by all user populations. We saw very low levels of post deployment training were needed, indicating that we achieved high levels of user adoption

What we say...

The successful delivery of this type of large-scale, national change and training programme, involving 40 sites across the UK and approximately 5,000 customer staff, serves to demonstrate DNASTREAM’s ability to support and effectively manage the adoption of new technologies and modern business processes within highly mobile workforces. Once again, DNASTREAM has proved we can simplify the administration of complex and highly interdependent training delivery requirements.


Andy Milner, DNASTREAM Managing Director

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