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SAP Incentives & Commissions Management Implementation



T-Mobile was implementing the SAP Incentive & Commissions Management solution across all of its businesses and needed specialist expertise to deliver the complex commission calculations for payments to its Mobile Channel business and Retail Employees.


What we did

T-Mobile was looking to implement the SAP ICM (Incentive & Commissions Management) solution across all of their businesses. This would provide complex commission calculations to manage payments to T-Mobile’s Channel business and Retail Employees.

This was a complex implementation with the need to accommodate both internal and external commission payments. It was also necessary to look to the future in order to understand the requirements of the newly merged firm.


T-Mobile achieved the successful implementation of ICM for their business which enabled them to have a unified solution across all sales channels, both internal and external.


The specific requirements of this business were successfully incorporated into the solution. The DNASTREAM team was able to consider both the current and future challenges in order to future proof the solution for ever changing sales strategies as well as potential requirements of the newly merged organisation.

The project was delivered on time and to budget.

What the customer said...

“This was not a simple 'vanilla' implementation and required a lot of 'out- of-the-box' solutioning in order to meet the needs of a very diverse and changing business.”

Daniel Willoughby, Senior Commercial Manager, T-Mobile

“DNASTREAM's greatest strength was combining a deep technical understanding of SAP ICM with the ability to form real relationships with all levels of the business to understand, challenge and ultimately produce the final product that exceeded expectations.”

Lee Bunker, Head of Acquisition Commercial at EE

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