Assurance and Recovery

At the outset of your delivery project we can carry out some light touch activities that will set you up for success in particular getting your stakeholders aligned and on board, clearly defining the roles of responsibilities of all parties and ensuring you have an appropriate governance model that gives proper management and control which facilitates early visibility of emerging issues.

Assurance and Recovery

Setting up your project in the right way is one of the key factors in ensuring success. All stakeholders need to be properly engaged, with clearly defined accountabilities and responsibilities, and the decision making process needs to be effective and seamless.

DNASTREAM has vast experience of helping organisations to set things up for best effect, often working with the project office to align project governance with the broader governance framework.


When engrossed in the delivery of programmes and projects it can be difficult to “stand back” and look at how things are progressing due to time pressures or challenging issues. In a complex, multi-party environment this can be even more difficult.

DNASTREAM has a wealth of experience acting in an independent role to offer an unbiased and impartial perspective on the programme or project, ensuring there is effective scrutiny and oversight and – importantly – ensuring all parties are delivering what is expected of them.


Programmes and projects can be challenging. Things can, and do, go wrong for numerous reasons and it can be difficult to see a way through.

DNASTREAM has deep experience of supporting programmes and projects that have run into difficulties, helping to cut through to the key underlying issues, identify the required interventions and engage with all stakeholders to steer towards success.

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“DNASTREAM were brought into the Programme to provide leadership and direction to our Architecture workstream, a workstream that had previously been struggling to keep control of its deliverables. DNASTREAM’s passionate drive for results and outcomes meant that the workstream quickly regained control and has been high performing ever since. DNASTREAM now support the Programme leadership team troubleshooting some of the top issues on the Programme”

Andy Brown, National Grid

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