Rapid Launch™

Rapid Launch™ provides a project lifecycle approach to stakeholder engagement, training and knowledge transfer together with a cloud-based learning platform to support easy access for the entire business community whether office-based or mobile. Our delivery methodology supports both transformational change and ongoing improvement.

Rapid Launch™ content offers user-friendly, immersive and realistic e-Learning scenarios that can combine conceptual, business process and on-system walk-throughs delivered via a cloud-based portal customised with your own corporate branding. The interactive scenarios and knowledge assets delivered by Rapid Launch™ can also be used to engage stakeholders to help visualise change and try new things in a safe environment. Our approach will accelerate knowledge transfer, reduce risks and save both time and money associated with change and training field forces.

The scalable cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere via the Internet, can be crucial particularly when training remote or mobile workforces.

Designed for Agile

The Rapid Launch™ approach can be particularly important in Agile projects, where we can keep pace with the continual delivery process during each Sprint.

Project delivery

Adopting Rapid Launch™ early helps to improve the effectiveness of communication and set the foundations for adoption of the solution.

The interactive and realistic scenarios and knowledge assets delivered by Rapid Launch™ help stakeholders to visualise change and try new things in a safe environment. This can help to accelerate knowledge transfer, reduce risks and save both time and money associated with change and training.

Being able to show stakeholders a visual representation of the new application can help to speed up project decision making.

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

The Rapid Launch™ content provides three modes of learning – a rolling film mode, click-through presentation mode and fully interactive e-learning simulation mode.

The content supports knowledge transfer across all stages including communication roadshows to aid stakeholder engagement, classroom training, virtual training, self-paced learning and ongoing support.

The content also includes documentation, that can be automatically created and updated from, saving time and effort.

Support and feedback through our portal

You don’t need to have your own learning management system as the Rapid Launch™ cloud-based portal can do all this and more by helping you deploy knowledge assets and deliver training during the project lifecycle, and onwards into business-as-usual.

You can utilise the Rapid Launch™ content beyond go live, which can help to avoid repetitive “How do I?” help desk calls, through the use of e-learning content and documentation.


Contact us to find out how our Rapid Launch™ approach works across virtually any technology and solution to help accelerate projects, engage stakeholders and build a community of motivated users.

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Makes a great impact for classroom training

Ellie Clayfield, National Grid

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