DNASTREAM are an expert Partner of ClickSoftware. ClickSoftware are a global leader in Service Chain Optimisation which is all about putting the right people in the right places at the right times to deliver great service to your customers while keeping costs down. The service chain contains several links that must be considered and optimally managed.


“Who, does What, With what, When, Where, and for Whom?”

Whether running a dynamic, continually changing business or operating in a calmer environment, efficiently scheduling resources to the right jobs, at the right times and in the right places is key to any business’ success. But how can this be achieved? Optimized resource scheduling answers this question: “Who, does What, With what, When, Where, and for Whom?”

Based on ClickSoftware’s proprietary W-6 optimization concept, ClickSchedule is an intelligent decision-making solution that produces optimized schedules across many thousands of jobs, resources and locations simultaneously.

One of the greatest challenges in service optimization is increasing customer service levels while reducing operational costs. It is often difficult – if not impossible – to achieve one without sacrificing the other.

When you consider all of the costs that a service organization incurs – including lost productivity in the field workforce, labor spent managing and dispatching the schedule, and the cost of missed Service Level Agreement (SLA) penalties or lost customers due to missed commitments – it becomes easy to see how a small percentage of inefficiency can create significant costs.

Enterprise implementation experience

Your ClickSoftware project will have a big impact on your organisation and will need to be integrated into your business from both a systems and process point of view. DNASTREAM have the enterprise implementation experience to get ClickSoftware into the right context, delivering benefit.


Utilising our Rapid Launch™ delivery approach, DNASTREAM can bring your ClickSoftware solution to life both quickly and cost effectively. Find out how we can help you reduce timelines for new implementations and upgrades.

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