DNASTREAM provide expert delivery and support of Oracle’s RightNow Customer Experience (CX) product. Oracle RightNow improves Customer Service, reduces costs and develops Customer loyalty. We offer an approved rapid deployment solution under the Rapid Launch ™ Oracle Accelerate programme to deliver projects more quickly, cost effectively and with enduring Knowledge Transfer.

Better Customer Service

Great Customer Service – Research shows that Customers who have good Customer experiences with a company are more loyal and satisfied. Moreover, using Oracle RightNow will encourage your Customers to easily resolve their own support issues more quickly leaving them more satisfied and your own Customer Support staff free for other proactive tasks. Research from Ovum also indicates that Customers are ever more willing to embrace email and web self service.

Increased Customer Loyalty

More Loyal Customers – Your excellent multi channel Customer Service capability using the SAAS Oracle RightNow solution builds loyalty as your Customers are always quickly supported. They experience consistent high levels of service whatever the channel.


Get started quickly and cost effectively – DNASTREAM’s Rapid Launch Oracle Accelerate RightNow implementation package allows you to get Oracle RightNow into your organisation quickly, using a proven delivery approach. The SAAS approach means that there is no complex infrastructure to consider. Our standard scope gives the right flexibility where you need it to fit the solution to your organisation but still delivers the core functions that drive the most benefit to your company.


Motivated and knowledgeable users key to success – at DNASTREAM we have learned that a solution that is deployed is only as good as the motivation and interest of the end users. To make sure users and stakeholders are keen and on board we provide a full package of e-learning content that will help explain what the solution will look like, how it will work and make sure everyone knows how to use and support it.


Customers Advocates increase Sales – satisfied and loyal Customers can be supported and encouraged to become advocates for your products and services within your Customer community. By creating an environment where Customers can support, advise and mentor each other you will help Customers find relevant solutions faster. Your understanding of your Customers and the support and encouragement you give to these thought leaders can be channeled into focussed and appropriate marketing campaigns to reinforce recommendations with relevant offers and incentives.


If you want to increase customer satisfaction and turn that loyalty into further business, please get in touch.

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DNASTREAM’s expertise in Oracle RightNow and its commitment to expanding NHS Direct’s Web site functionality has made it  an essential partner in our work with NHS Direct

Jenny Barnes, Infermed

I firmly believe that a small, select team of highly skilled professionals can deliver excellence and assure success

Andy Milner, DNASTREAM