For too long, organisations have made important decisions based on poor quality data and reports that have been pulled together manually and from multiple sources. You may be using inconsistent and error prone formats which take time and resource to consolidate.

DNASTREAM can help you implement Yellowfin’s easy to use technology that collates your data automatically, in a consistent format that suits your business. This can save you time, leaving you free to focus on analysing and making smart decisions.

Yellowfin’s solutions are designed to be intuitive and interactive, making self service business intelligence accessible to everyone.

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Governance and security

Yellowfin has a 100% web based solution which is underpinned with strong governance and security measures. The solution can be provided with a role, group and data level security model that can be configured as you wish. Or you can reuse the security frameworks you have in place in your business.

Ease of collaboration

Easily share your data and insights to take smarter, faster collective action. With Yellowfin you can annotate reports or dashboards, make public and private comments, create threaded discussions, vote on impending decisions, receive automated alerts and schedule reports.

Part of your mobility solution

Your business information and analytics can be viewed on any device or platform, via native applications for the iPhone, iPad, hybrid HTML 5 application for Android devices or web-browser. Create content on the mobile device of your choice, just as you would via your desktop computer. And any content created via Yellowfin on the web is instantly accessible via any mobile device. Just connect and go.

Designed for the business user

Yellowfin solutions are designed with the business user in mind, to be intuitive and interactive. The aim is to make self service business intelligence accessible to anyone who needs it to monitor and manage the business.

Yellowfin Cloud

The Yellowfin Cloud powered by DNASTREAM, gives you access to a complete service that will ensure the success of your BI project. It combines a secure data facility based in the UK, market leading local expertise, and Yellowfin’s award-winning software to give you a highly accessible, and cost-effective BI solution as-a-service.

You get a state-of-the art BI platform together with project management, solution implementation, training and support delivered by experienced DNASTREAM consultants to drive user adoption, with ongoing guidance to ensure your data and reporting is set up effectively.

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DNASTREAM has an outstanding reputation for listening carefully to the needs of its clients and delivering projects and software solutions that produce both fast and long lasting value.

Peter Baxter, Yellowfin

There is a definite sense of excitement in DNASTREAM about Yellowfin – it’s a product that really helps ‘complete the picture’ for our customers.

Andy Milner on Yellowfin, DNASTREAM