DNASTREAM has been appointed as Ultimo's first international partner. 


As a Certified Ultimo Implementation Partner, we build on our experience of delivering enterprise applications that help organisations adopt innovative, connected, reliable and safe solutions for asset maintenance and customer service.


Our customers can benefit from a full range of services to support implementation and adoption of the entire Ultimo solution suite.



Enables effective management of maintenance work and servicing schedules, ensuring you have understanding of the total cost of ownership and can keep track of performance.

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Enables the effective management and maintenance of infrastructural objects to increase asset availability by offering deep insights into asset condition and performance, ensuring transparency between managers and contractors, and supporting collaboration across teams.

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Enables robust management of incidents and service requests to provide insight into IT assets and infrastructure, effective management of service levels, robust cost control and compliance with IT policy.

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Ensures control over crucial activities on medical assets such as periodical maintenance and acceptance into service to reduce risk and ensure safe operations.

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Enables the effective management of inventory and helps to avoid risks that concern safety, quality, health and the environment, including the management of incidents, work permits and tagging, and compliance with important legislation such as the SEVESO III directive.

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Enables the technical services provider to focus on the delivery of support services to the customer organisation, helping to make processes smooth and flawless, allowing more structure in the execution of activities.

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