Using Analytics to Improve Capex and Opex Decisions – webinar

Over the past two years, E.ON has significantly improved how they make Capex and Opex decisions. Their new Smart Asset Management (SAM) project implemented asset analytics to support more effective financial planning and operational control. Using DNASTREAM’s extensive experience in the delivery of IT solutions, particularly within the Utilities sector, we partnered with Space Time Insight to manage this project through to successful completion.  This involved managing project resources from various global locations, spanning multiple time zones.

The SAM implementation included digitising the data collection process, supporting the transition to risk-based investment decisions using condition and criticality analysis.

Petr Lang of Eon and Neil Barry of Space-Time Insight are hosting a webinar this month which will cover:
•    How E.ON changed from a manual to a digital data collection process
•    Realised benefits of using analytics to make data-driven decisions
•    Strategies to avoid letting your current process and infrastructure shortcomings keep you from realising the value in advanced analytics

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To register for the webinar on 30 November 2016 click here.

Or to find out more about DNASTREAM services within the utility industry contact Andy Milner.