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Solution Architecture






The DNASTREAM team provided Capgemini with solution architectural expertise in the SAP FS-CD (Financial Services - Collections & Disbursements).

DNASTREAM supported Capgemini to deliver a fully integrated and SEPA compliant solution for a.s.r. Nederland, a major Dutch insurance group.

What We Did

DNASTREAM were responsible for the delivery of SAP FS-CD solution to all divisions of a.s.r. This included:

  • Leading the Design Phase to deliver Blueprint documentation 

  • Configuration of all aspects of FS-CD including Master Data (Business Partners, Insurance Objects, Contract Accounts), Payment Plans, Incoming/Outgoing Payments, Clearing Rules/Open Item Management, Banking (including Verwinfo, MT940 statements) and CD to FI integration

  • Delivered ABAP development around all user exits

  • Functional Design expertise for all interfaces - through PI proxy

  • Managing functional team of CD Consultants and Young Professionals

  • Delivery of Functional and cutover plans


DNSTREAM was able to provide specific solution architectural expertise on site with the client on behalf of Capgemini.

DNASTREAM have helped a.s.r consolidate and streamline their business processes, across business areas and across brands. a.s.r. now has a new integrated financial system, which is fully SEPA compliant. DNASTREAM has continued to provide ongoing support and guidance; a.s.r can call on our expertise to resolve particular system issues as and when they arise.

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"Jackie [Stanley, DNASTREAM] is excellent in bringing people together and on the same page but also can be directive and to the point when needed to achieve results."

"At any given point in time I would recommend Jackie for a high level senior role in a SAP FSCD/FiCo rollout/implementation."

- Paul Gerits, Senior Program / Project Manager, Capgemini Consulting

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