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Effective project delivery is our priority.


To achieve a return on your investment in technology solutions, DNASTREAM select the best delivery team to manage and implement your projects.

Our expert team comprises of highly skilled technology and solution specialists with a broad range of experience across many enterprise applications, solutions and industry sectors.

Business colleagues brainstorming in the office

Programme &
Project Management

As project management professionals we have significant experience in the delivery of many leading   enterprise projects and programmes.


We bring the rigour and control that businesses deserve, with the ability to manage complex projects with numerous third parties.

Lobbies, Reporting & BI

We start by reviewing the reporting needs to understand your business and requirements. From there we recommend the best option for delivery, from developing new IFS reports and lobbies within the system to external BI options like PowerBI.


Our goal is effective and efficient reporting and analysis for all business users.


When it comes to solution testing, our experience can provide a pragmatic and tailored approach to meet your business needs.


We cover all aspects of testing, including governance, managed  services, functional, integration, performance and automation testing. We work with you to gain the right confidence in the solutions throughout your implementation, upgrade and onward journey.


We lead the end-to-end implementation of IFS and IFS Ultimo solutions. We combine our certified technical and functional consultants, industry-experienced architects and project managers with your business team.


For us, implementations are more than just a technology change. Our methodology ensures that the business impact is understood and managed with effective change management throughout.


We deliver full support for the entirety of upgrade projects, from the initial scoping and planning, through to the hypercare. Your business can minimise the effort in getting to the latest version.


We ensure that the business is engaged and supported throughout to realise the desired outcomes.

Application Integrations

We design, develop and support the integrations required to keep your IFS and IFS Ultimo solutions connected to your wider application landscape.

Our customers trust us with their mission critical integrations.

Let's Get Started

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