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Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)


Training Delivery, Recruitment & Coaching/Mentoring to Internal Team


Adopt, Sustain, Optimise




DNASTREAM was appointed due to its proven track record of managing large change programmes involving field-based staff.

The customer required national support across its workforce to ensure effective deployment and readiness for 5,000 users – but with the added strategic vision to enable SGN to be self-sufficient in IT systems training in the longer term

What We Did

This DNASTREAM engagement included:

  • Training Content Creation – the creation of all content required to support end user training and onboarding for each phase of the programme

  • Training Management and Delivery – the management of training (including Training Needs Analysis, Training Strategy and Planning activities) and the delivery of training to all end users

  • Recruitment – creation of job descriptions and support for recruitment activities, including candidate interviews and the selection process, to assemble an internal team of IT Systems Trainers to establish an enduring support model for SGN 

  • Induction – development and delivery of the necessary induction training and train-the-trainer courses with the successful candidates

  • Coaching & Mentoring Service – following initial onboarding and training of the internal trainers, the DNASTREAM team shadowed, coached and mentored the team during the rollout of tablets to field users to ensure the relevant support and guidance was provided

  • Handover – once all training to the internal team was delivered, formal handover was performed to the SGN team which was then able to continue with an enduring model – this model continues to deliver internal IT systems training


The key benefits delivered were:

  • Smartphones deployed and trained out to 3,000 users within nine weeks

  • Tablets deployed and trained out to 3,000 users within 13 weeks

  • Upgrades to laptops and desktops deployed and trained out to 2,000 users within nine weeks, concurrently with the tablet deployment

  • Successful adoption of new applications and technology by all user populations

  • Very low levels of post-deployment training required, indicating high levels of user adoption

  • Fully competent internal IT systems training team established

  • External consulting costs reduced or removed due to increased internal competency

  • Significant improvements to internal knowledge and expertise, driving selfsufficiency

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"DNASTREAM did a great job, positively encouraged us to look for an enduring solution where we could gradually reduce the need for external assistance. "

"They therefore helped us recruit, train and coach a new internal team. This in turn reduced our dependency upon external partners, reducing project costs and greatly improved our internal corporate knowledge and expertise."

- Peter Phillip, SGN Application Architect

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