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DNASTREAM’s support for Back Onside and the Brain & Spine Foundation

DNASTREAM has a long history of giving back to our community and supporting causes that our employees are involved in or being supported by. We will be raising donations at the IFS Connect Conference UK & Ireland on 6th March 2024 and would love to see all of you there supporting us.

The charities we will support in 2024

In 2024, DNASTREAM will be supporting two brilliant charities Back Onside and the Brain & Spine Foundation.

Back Onside, a UK-based mental-health charity is a charity whose mission it is to raise awareness about mental health for schools, businesses and sports clubs with a variety of methods through tailored workshops. The Brain & Spine Foundation aims to help those who have been affected by a neurological condition and transform their lives so that they may flourish. With free expert help for any neurological condition, they answer questions, reduce anxiety and help make informed choices for individuals and families.

More about Back Onside

Animated GIF of the Back Onside logo

Back Onside was setup by Libby Emmerson after struggling with her own mental health. Libby has since worked alongside DNASTREAM’s partner company, Neurequity to provide insights into suicide awareness and prevention.

They provide workshops and counselling sessions on a 1-2-1 basis, or to groups, through tailored drop-ins and workshops within schools, businesses and sports clubs of all levels.

We have therefore chosen to support Back Onside during 2024 as one of our key charities. Donations this year will make a massive difference to people struggling with their mental health; £10 could fund hot drinks and snacks for group drop-in sessions,

£30 could fund the cost of an emergency call out through the 24/7 crisis-line or

£50 could fund a person in need receiving an adult 1-2-1 counselling session.

More about Brain & Spine Foundation

Logo for charity Brain & Spine Foundation

Brain & Spine Foundation is a UK-based charity, setup over 30 years ago by Peter Hamlyn to raise awareness and provide support to those with neurological conditions.

DNASTREAM has chosen this charity, after one of our colleagues needed their support.

“I chose this charity as I have both broken my spine with ongoing surgeries yet to happen and as a result have neurological issues that are permanent.

I understand how this affects finances, general day-to-day life and also mental health and I am very aware there are countless people who have not have the support I have had with this, and here’s where charities such as the brain and spine foundation are so important.”

1-in-6 people in the UK are living with a neurological condition – that is more than cancer, heart disease and kidney failure combined. The charity provides guidance and support to those affected by any neuro condition through their free helpline, peer support groups and the sharing of real life stories. Last year over 15,660 people directly or indirectly received life-changing support from a neuroscience nurse on their dedicated helpline.

We look forward to giving you regular updates about how much we raise for these good causes throughout the year. To find out more or how to get involved please contact us.

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