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DNASTREAM delivers a wide range of services encompassing project management, enterprise training, organisational change management and end user adoption, specialist technology-related services, governance and project assurance to ensure you get the best outcomes from your IT investments.

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We ensure there is specific focus on more than just technology by understanding and managing the impact brought about through changes to ways of working and how end users experience the solution.

Our approach considers the holistic needs of the user population, the impact on them such as changes to business processes and the opportunities brought about by the new technology. We help to ensure users are equipped and supported to deliver the expected outcomes and drive benefits.

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We offer a wide range of expert services to ensure you gain sustainable benefits from your investment in IT applications and technology, including:

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Effective delivery management is one of the keys to ensuring success and maximizing the effectiveness of your investment in IT solutions. That’s why DNASTREAM select the best delivery specialists to manage our customers’ projects, and apply the most appropriate methodologies .

Our expert team of highly skilled programme and project management professionals have a broad range of experience across many enterprise applications, solutions and industry sectors.

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Delivering and adopting change can be a challenge in any organisation and it can be easier to focus on readily measurable technical milestones and outcomes. We understand that a successful outcome, delivering the expected benefits and enduring changes to ways of working, depends far more on ensuring enthusiastic take up by end users and their drive to overcome any inevitable teething problems. Nurturing grit and resilience in the organization is an important factor in making sure the necessary change takes hold.

  • Project Recovery

  • Application & Technology Upgrades

  • Compliance & Segregation of Duties

  • Solution & Technical Architecture

  • Application Integration

  • Project Assurance & Governance

  • "Customer-side" Advisory Support

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