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Celebrating our new DNASTREAM apprentices

During National Apprentice Week we at DNASTREAM want to celebrate the fantastic work that is done by the apprentices across the company. We thought it would be a good time to introduce our new apprentices and see how they are getting on.

Introducing our new apprentices

We welcomed Jem and Aiman as they started a new chapter at DNASTREAM. We are also proud to see our existing employee Kayleigh moving onto a degree apprenticeship.

Jem and Aiman, DNASTREAM apprentices standing in front of a whiteboard
Jem and Aiman - digital marketing apprentices

Our apprentices are working hard studying on their Digital Marketing and Project Management courses. Coming from within the company, retail and even working for a SEN school our apprentices all bring valuable experience to DNASTREAM.

What persuaded you to go down the apprenticeship path?

We caught up with Aiman and Jem to find out why they chose an apprenticeship route. "First off, it's a time-saving experience. Instead of spending years in a traditional classroom setting with a broad curriculum we could dive straight into practical, hands-on training specific to our chosen field. This focused approach means we can acquire real-world skills efficiently and get a head start in the workforce."

How have you found your time at DNASTREAM so far?

They went on to explain how they have enjoyed the experience so far. "Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow within this dynamic field. From crafting engaging social media campaigns to analysing data trends, every task fuels our passion for creativity and strategic thinking with a driven team that truly cares about the work they produce."

They both agree "When working in a team that values their staff as highly as they do makes us apprentices feel valued and supported in both our studies and our work."

How are you getting on with your studies?

Speaking to Kayleigh we wanted to know how she was finding her studies,

"I am currently partway through my first year at Coventry University on the Project Management Apprenticeship course. In our first module, we delved into Organisational Structures, Cultures, and Strategies and how these factors can affect a business's success.

The second module covered Management styles and strategies within different organisations. I happy to confirm that I have passed both modules so far and am staying consistent with my grades. I am currently halfway through the third module which focuses on the foundations of project management, starting with the foundations of Project Planning and organising project timing, costs, and resources. It’s great that I can implement what I am learning into my day-to-day work schedule and continue to do this as my course progresses."

Headshot of Kayleigh, DNASTREAM apprentice
Kayleigh- project management apprentice

We are very proud to introduce the work our new apprentices and look forward to seeing them grow and excel in the coming years.

Want to know more about DNASTREAM apprenticeships?

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