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Introducing our new apprentices

DNASTREAM is proud to announce three new apprentices joining the team this week. We have a history of bringing talent into our business through the apprenticeship route. We welcome Ben, Thomas and Zaeed and were interested to find out more about them.

What educational background do our apprentices have?

Each come with 3 A levels in subjects including the sciences, business studies, maths, IT and, in one instance, criminology. Whilst studying they also gained work skills with roles in an e-commerce fulfilment warehouse, with a market research company and as waiter. That is all valuable experience that they bring to DNASTREAM.

Why did the idea of an apprenticeship appeal?

Apprentice Ben working at a desk at home
Ben working from home

It was unanimous that the prospect of getting a degree whilst also gaining valuable experience in the field was the driving force behind applying for an apprenticeship. As more and more people study for degrees they felt that this capability would set them apart, with the hybrid model of studying textbooks and practical work a massive development opportunity.

They all believe an apprenticeship is the best process for career progression with the benefits of 3 years’ work experience while still earning their degrees.

What appealed about DNASTREAM in particular?

DNASTREAM seems to appeal as it’s a fast-growing company, that has a track record of delivering amazing projects for interesting companies.

Apprentices Zaeed and Thomas taken at University
Zaeed and Thomas at University

The thought of being involved in real projects and in wide a variety of work was what sparked their interest the most. DNASTREAM offers an opportunity to branch out more, not being “pigeon-holed” into one niche area.

During the application process and the assessment centre, the apprentices learnt a lot more about the company and being a tech solutions company DNASTREAM appealed to their natural love of problem solving.

What are your initial thoughts about the company and what you have planned in the coming weeks?

The initial thoughts about the company are all positive. Our apprentices seem to be benefitting from the mentoring programme, appreciating the opportunity for one-to-one time whilst they are finding their feet. They feel confident that their mentors will offer guidance to help them to progress further within the company.

In the coming weeks they are lined up with training courses to be prepared for upcoming projects.

What is benefit of apprenticeships for DNASTREAM?

This is a great opportunity to bring new talent into the organisation, people who are keen to learn and will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. We are a growing business and we find the combination of deep experience and new thinking a winning one. As Andy Milner, Managing Director, says “It is an exciting time for our new apprentices, they will be part of the team from day one. With initial training and mentorship they will quickly have the opportunity to be directly involved in projects".

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