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IFS UK&I User Group Annual Conference 2023

The DNASTREAM team headed to Woodlands Events Centre a few weeks ago on November 1st – 3rd with our wheel of fortune in hand, for this years’ IFS UK&I User Group Conference. This year the event was called “MOMENTUM – Harnessing the power of our collective energy to address challenges… and to celebrate successes.”


The DNASTREAM stand at IFS UK&I User Group Conference.

DNASTREAM presented “What is Evergreen and how can you make it work?”

We presented on Thursday, talking about what Evergreen is and how to utilise it. Madan Natarajan of Dermal Laboratories, a DNASTREAM customer, spoke with Jackie Stanley, DNASTREAM’s Portfolio Delivery Director.

They discussed if Evergreen is a release strategy or something else. What exactly is an Evergreen approach and what choices and challenges does it bring up for your business? How can you make it work for your organisation whether you are in IFS Cloud or IFS Apps? It was a great opportunity to discuss practical tips from people who have been through the process themselves.


IFS is for life, not just for implementation projects

If you managed to attend break out session 9 on Friday you would have heard DNASTREAM customer Michael Thompson, the IFS Digital Acceleration Lead at William Grant & Sons. He shared his experience of how William Grant & Sons were determined not to make the same mistakes as last time, setting up and investing in a permanent, dedicated IFS Digital Acceleration team.

Visitors to our stand supported our good causes

On our DNASTREAM stand, we had the returning wheel of fortune which gave visitors the opportunity to win AirTags or help us to donate to some charities we are very passionate about. We supported the Royal British Legion as well as Movember.

We would like to give our thanks to everyone who participated and it is our pleasure to announce that we have raised £180 for The Royal British Legion and £100 for Movember.



Mental hygiene and preventative self-care

Dr Hayley Dare also spoke at the event, Chief Executive at Neurequity, part of the DNASTREAM family. She discussed why we should all practice mental hygiene to enhance, protect, and restore our mental health. We all learn from a young age how to care for our physical health but are rarely taught how to care for our mental wellbeing. She spoke about how to weave psychological self-care into your daily routine to achieve better overall wellbeing.


We all at DNASTREAM would like to thank those who participated and look forward to seeing everyone there next year.


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