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DNASTREAM at IFS Connect UK and Ireland 2024

DNASTREAM attended IFS Connect (IFS Connect UK and Ireland 2024) on the 6th of March at Eastside Rooms, Birmingham. The DNASTREAM team connected with many prospects, customers, IFS employees, and partners who thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Visitors to IFS Connect at the DNASTREAM stand

DNASTREAM banner - with charities we support

Charities we support

Equipped with our now famous Wheel of Fortune, DNASTREAM encouraged visitors to our stand to support our two chosen charities. This year they are Back Onside a UK-based mental-health charity and the Brain & Spine Foundation.. Both these charities are very special to us which and you can read more here. During the event we are very proud that you helped us raise £130 for Back Onside and £110 for the Brain and Spine Foundation.


Introducing our new Head of Solution Delivery

Attending IFS Connect was a new member of the DNASTREAM team, Simon Orchard who has previously worked for IFS and has now taken a new position as the Head of Solution Delivery.

“My particular highlight was meeting OmniByte, an IFS technology partner providing IFS Cloud Advanced Forms. Many conversations have continued in building a relationship here, along with all other contacts made” Simon said, after being asked about his first event at DNASTREAM. In addition to this the Service and Asset Centric breakout session gave insights and explained the industry and process coverage IFS Cloud offers for these businesses.

Our thoughts on IFS Connect

IFS Connect proved to be an exceptional opportunity to showcase our expertise in implementing IFS solutions and discuss how these solutions can help businesses unlock productivity, predictability, and agility. Having insightful conversations with current and prospective customers provided a clear understanding of current industry challenges and opportunities that they face.

Furthermore, networking with IFS employees and fellow partners fostered a collaborative environment.  These interactions allowed us to exchange best practices and explore potential synergies within the IFS ecosystem.

Cards outlining DNASTREAM's services and introducing the team.

Overall, our participation at IFS Connect was a resounding success for us and of course, the charities that we support. The event provided a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships and reenforce DNASTREAM's position as a leading IFS implementation partner.


Want to talk further about IFS solutions and how DNASTREAM can help?

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