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Neurequity - how it works

Neurequity is a unique, out-of-the-box mental health and wellbeing eLearning solution, It offers an unparalleled, wide-ranging multimedia educational and learning experience that can be scaled across organisations.

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DNASTREAM's e-learning and change management skills are used to optimise and effectively deliver Neurequity’s valuable content.

The fundamentals of Neurequity

Neurequity focuses on normalising conversations around mental health in the workplace specifically:

  • A shared understanding mental health and wellbeing,

  • Instilling methods for effective mental hygiene and preventive self-care.

  • Integrating a proven approach for compassionate interventions to support colleagues.

Neurequity fulfils its mission by making practical mental health know-how accessible to all.

What is included in the Neurequity package

Founded on the principles of Neuroscience and clinical psychology, Neurequity provides organisations with a cloud based mental health and well being E-learning platform.


.This Learning hub offers the user modules that include dynamic exercises, quizzes, animations, videos and much more. The shared learning creates a ‘common language’ whilst developing a familiarity with mental health issues.

There is also a Knowledge hub which offers a library of resources, such as eBooks, self-help tools, toolkits, insight papers, webinar recordings and infographics.

The Conferencing hub, offers a calendar of frequent mental health webinars, online events, and prominent monthly themes.

Neurequity's vision and mission

Gavin Richardson, Co-founder, summarises the need. “We were taught as young children how to care for our physical health and hygiene. We were not taught how to care for our mental health. Now is the time we must learn. Most people spend more time.

and money on their dental hygiene than they do their mental hygiene.”

Getting started

Neurequity operates on a 12-month subscription service, based on the number of users that will access the platform. This means that is quick and easy to roll out and is scalable to the size of your organisation.

To find out more about what Neurequity can do for your organisation contact

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