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Neurequity and DNASTREAM working together to create mentally healthier workplaces

DNASTREAM is known for delivering technology-based improvements, but beyond that we are proud of our involvement in Neurequity to bring mental health awareness to workplaces everywhere.

The Neurequity logo.


The Neurequity vision to change workplace mental health

Neurequity's vision, that "workplace mental health doesn’t improve by chance; it improves by change", is at the heart of this collaboration. Their mission is to embed practical mental health know-how throughout organisations. This involves instilling effective methods for mental hygiene, self-care, prevention, enhancing psychological resilience, and integrating a proven approach for compassionate interventions. The overarching goal is to normalise conversations around mental health and promote colleague support.


DNASTREAM bringing a complementary skill set

Andy Milner met up with old school friend, Gavin Richardson, Senior Director of Neurequity. Gavin told Andy about having a great product but feared that their approach was limited, and they weren’t getting the service out to potential users at the scale they needed.

Andy realised that DNASTREAM’s e-learning experience could be exactly what Neurequity needed. He comments “DNASTREAM have a track record of building content for training and change management, we can balance the content depending on how much companies want to self-direct or be directed.” Realising that they had complementary skills these two friends came together to expand to expand this platform to offer unparalleled mental health assistance to employees in the workplace.

Andy Milner, Managing Director of DNASTREAM became Chief Operating Officer at Neurequity in a joint venture that has gone from strength to strength.


DNASTREAM's contribution to Neurequity’s vision

This collaboration brings together DNASTREAM's technological resources to optimise and effectively deliver Neurequity’s valuable content.

DNASTREAM provides expertise to digitise resources to reach more people in training modules and the development of online training courses. Our digital creators worked closely with Neurequity to visualise story boards and then provide animations and direct filming.

DNASTREAM, provided the E-learning expertise to bringing technology and creative skills together to provide the assets and documentation ready to support users. The development of these digital courses meant that Neurequity can offer training to more people, more efficiently.


As Gavin says, “Neurequity offers inclusive and immersive online workplace mental health and wellbeing learning solution, building on DNASTREAM’s expertise we now offer a comprehensive and compelling learning experience for every employee”

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