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Back Onside charity comedy night a roaring success

At least once a year, DNASTREAM's Portfolio Delivery Director, Jackie Stanley, and her husband, Gerry, arrange a comedy night in aid of charity.

The most recent charity comedy night was in support of Back Onside, a charity based near Stirling in Scotland with the goal of helping people rebuild their self-esteem by tackling some of the challenges caused by social exclusion, disability and other life circumstances. Back Onside is a relatively new charity, doing fantastic and much-needed work in the community, particularly in schools and with young sports people.

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The purpose of the comedy night was twofold - firstly, to raise funds to help Back Onside employ specialists to help those suffering from mental illness, and secondly, but more importantly, to raise awareness of this fantastic charity and the work it does. The charity has exceeded its funds target and thanks to those attending the comedy night, the existence of Back Onside has been made known throughout the local area and beyond.

As a massive bonus, two people attending the comedy night, who have expertise in the mental health area, have volunteered to help the charity by spending time in the drop out centres set up by Back Onside.

For further information about Back Onside and the important work it does in the community, visit or contact Libby at or on 07528 243 100.

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