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Catching up with our second year apprentices

On National Apprentice Week we at DNASTREAM want to celebrate the fantastic work that is done by the apprentices across the company. In this second post we thought it would be time to catch up on our second year apprentices.

Our Digital Business Analyst apprentices are working hard and using the knowledge and experiences they have gained to enhance their studies. Here’s what Ben, Zaeed and Thomas had to say.

Zaeed and Thomas, DNASTREAM second year apprentices
Zaeed and Thomas-second year apprentices

How is the university course going?

Ben tells us it's been an action-packed first few months of the 2nd year. He says "We've now completed 2 new modules - Mobile Web Application Development and Enterprise and Business Development. As with all of our modules, it's been a very steep learning curve as we take on these new concepts. MWAD is very technically driven with Java script elements which saw us develop a number of apps from the ground up. EBD meant we were able to take a more holistic business-wide view of entrepreneurialism and business plans, proposals and pitches. Although difficult they have been highly rewarding. We are waiting for our marks for our 2nd assignments for each module, but we all passed the first assignments with flying colours."

Zaeed agrees "There has been a drastic step up in terms of intensity from year 1 to year 2. The MWAD module has definitely proven to be the most complex module I have come across."

What is coming up for the rest of the year?

Looking forward, our apprentices are starting modules around Human Centred Computing (user interface/experience and how this can be best tailored to the human psychology). There is also a Group Research Project where students undertake a technology project as a group and run and document it with industry best practice.

Thomas is looking forward to it "I'm looking forward to starting our second semester as the group project means that I get to work with my companions."

What has it been like working with DNASTREAM's customers?

Ben describes getting stuck into client work. "Work-wise I rolled off an IFS FSM & PSO Implementation project before Christmas where I worked in a PMO role (project coordination/governance) which was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding with a successful Go-Live in mid-November. Since then I started on a PSO only implementation project which is great as I'm able to build on the foundational skills I learnt in my previous project. Again this is fulfilling a PMO role."

Headshot of Ben, DNASTREAM apprentice
Ben - second year apprentice

Are there advantages of being an apprentice with a company like DNASTREAM?

Zaeed tells us "DNASTREAM has helped in unimaginable ways in providing support and allowing me to prioritise my university work, enabling me to reach the deadlines. Year 2 has definitely been more intense but truly rewarding overall. In terms of work with DNASTREAM, I am thoroughly enjoying getting involved with active projects as well as being involved in the startup of new projects. After a year of working at the company, being able to apply the skills and knowledge I have picked up in my time in projects has given me immense personal satisfaction. I am grateful for how my time is going at DNASTREAM."

We are very proud of the work our apprentices do and look forward to seeing them grow and excel in the coming years.

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