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DNASTREAM were engaged to support a significant HR transformation programme.

This involved the introduction of SAP HR and Payroll across the group covering over 200,000 employees, together with an extensive business change management programme.

What We Did

DNASTREAM worked alongside the IT department and with other business representatives. We were able to support the entire programme from completing the Programme Blueprint and throughout delivery.

We provided advisory and specialist domain expertise throughout the selection process for the SAP implementation partner, in accordance with EU procurement regulations. DNASTREAM managed the project on behalf of IT to undertake the initial migration of employees from the legacy systems onto a new SAP HR and Payroll platform. We also managed the implementation of Nakisa Org Modeller, on behalf of IT, in order to underpin the overall transformation programme and provide improved organisational modelling and management capabilities.


DNASTREAM were able to support the business with the programme change management, stakeholder management and training activities, ensuring readiness of IT and the business to adopt the new processes and systems being introduced as a result of the programme.

We supported the business with programme testing, in particular the business functions, and developed a robust testing framework to assure the success of the programme.

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"DNASTREAM staff had a breadth and depth of experience which resulted in extra benefit to the Royal Mail project as they contributed to many other business and IT tasks in addition to their specific project roles."

"One particular area of strength DNASTREAM brought to us was their business knowledge, which gave them the ability to manage partners and ensure we retained a position of knowledge throughout partner project discussions. I believe this client side advisory role is worth the investment to ensure you retain control of key project decisions throughout the project lifecycle”

- Programme Leader,

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