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HR System Replacement Review


Prepare, Optimise




Our client needed independent guidance as to whether SAP HCM would be a viable option to replace its existing PeopleSoft solution.

DNASTREAM provided a clear picture of how SAP might support the business needs, the anticipated benefits, the costs involved, resources required and the most appropriate approach to deployment.

What We Did

DNASTREAM undertook a detailed analysis of the viability of replacing the existing PeopleSoft solution with SAP HCM. This created a business case for the
implementation of SAP. We provided:

  • A detailed analysis of the existing business processes and how PeopleSoft, along with other IT systems, supported these processes 

  • A detailed analysis of our client’s future goals, objectives and requirements, which any IT system would need to be capable of delivering 

  • Comprehensive mapping of the business requirements against the capabilities of the SAP solution to determine the level of fit and any potential gaps 

  • Assessment of any potential areas of simplification to the IT systems landscape or business process architecture that could be delivered through adoption of and integrated SAP ERP solution


Our team was able to define and present a broad benefits case to the business, which included a range of deployment options designed to deliver the stated business benefits.

We also prepared a detailed programme plan with resource estimates and cost estimates for the potential deployment options, together with creation of specific benefits case for the recommended deployment option. The four-week project was delivered on time and within the agreed budget. 

Our client received a detailed business case that provided confidence that SAP would be a viable option as the core ‘people tool’, together with a fully costed programme plan and benefits case. The stakeholders were then able to progress, with the knowledge that any decision on the future HCM platform was based on a solid foundation and aligned to the business strategy.

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"The DNASTREAM team quickly understood our requirements and was able to define a detailed business case in a matter of weeks,"

"which greatly helped us to define our future strategy."

- Business Manager, Client

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