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ONSTREAM Post-sale transition


Programme Management, Application Migration and Contract Novation






DNASTREAM were approached to manage transition of OnStream’s ITapplication estate and contracts following the sale of the business by National Grid.

National Grid approaches us as a result of having successfully delivered several projects within National Grid, and in large part due to our previous experience of the OnStream business and its application estate.

What We Did

DNASTREAM were responsible for leading the IS transition activities on behalf of OnStream and National Grid. Our role involved the overall programme management and included subject matter expertise relating to the Onstream asset estate and services, involving:

  • Developing the application and services transition plan with National Grid, Macquarie, Wipro, G4S and OnStream’s application vendors, which was required to take account of the strict constraints applied by the industry regarding application outages

  • Developing the detailed application migration approach for the financial and asset information that was to be transferred into Macquarie’s systems

  • Managing the delivery of the application migration and transition activities, working closely with Wipro 

  • Developing the approach and plan for transition of the services in conjunction with G4S and the industry customers including National Grid Gas, Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks

  • Managing the development of the application architecture and infrastructure design for the G4S application estate, in conjunction with the application vendors

  • Providing industry subject matter expertise relating to data loggers and the associated applications and networks

  • Developing the cutover strategy and detailed cutover plans with National Grid, G4S and the industry customers, including the joint office run by National Grid to manage requests from the industry for changes to services

  • Defining and establishing new support arrangements for the applications migrated to G4S with the application support function

  • Managing the process for novation of the contracts for services and networks to G4S, working closely with the networks providers in particular to ensure this was achieved smoothly

  • Providing post go live support to G4S following completion of the application migration


The key benefits delivered were:

  • The transition from National Grid was successfully achieved on time and significantly under budget

  • The transition to G4S and startup of services was conducted seamlessly and delivered improved service levels

  • There was no disruption to customers during the transition process or thereafter

  • Strong and trusted relationships were established with the industry participants

  • Successful delivery of a prrogramme with a complex stakeholder landscape – National Grid, Macquarie, G4S, industry customers and partners

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"The transition from was successfully achieved on time and significantly under budget."

"National Grid approached us in large part due to our previous experience of the OnStream business and its application estate."

Andy Milner, MD, DNASTREAM

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