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ClickSoftware and ServiceNow transformation


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A service delivery company needed to improve the speed and efficiency of a ClickSoftware and ServiceNow roll out training programme across their whole workforce.

DNASTREAM was able to build upon a training needs analysis, to then provide the training content and delivery. This was achieved in less than half the time of the original plan by using our Rapid Launch™ approach. All training was managed through a Learning Portal which scheduled people, handled registration and monitored performance, visible to management in real time.

What We Did

DNASTREAM performed a detailed training needs analysis to ensure that the training plan was optimised.

This analysis was able to select the right approach for each audience, effectively “right sizing” the training requirements. It assessed training needs alongside the employees’ technological capability, roles and skills to determine the most suitable training plan. For example, we were able to identify who could use remote, web based training and who would need more guidance in a classroom environment. 

In addition to the optimised training plan DNASTREAM went on to: Create and maintain a comprehensive library of training content Incorporate both an administrator library for ongoing use and end user testing scripts Deliver training through a Fujitsu branded Rapid LaunchTM portal Use the learning portal to track and manage training in real time – recording no shows and test failures to meet compliance requirements Provide classroom training as necessary


This project was delivered in under half the time of the original plan and to budget. Key to the success of the project was that the training didn’t impact the business in a detrimental way.

The company had the additional certainty of knowing all staff had completed the courses and successfully passed the assessments. The training library was kept in line with the production system throughout and into business as usual. This meant that knowledge was captured and constantly updated so training material continued to be aligned and reflective of the live environment. 

DNASTREAM was also able to include example end user acceptance testing scripts as part of the training content in advance of the UAT phase. This allowed less experienced testers to make a more productive start to UAT by guiding them through typical testing scenarios and showing a logical approach to testing. A ClickSoftware administrator library was also produced for ongoing management use which reduced the business’s dependency on external resource.

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"We selected DNASTREAM as a partner for their implementation of ClickSoftware and ServiceNow, within the UK based, on two primary factors."

The first being an existent solid relationship having worked together previously, the second being their product expertise and willingness to tailor their standard approach to support our business requirements.

The net result was a hugely successful implementation from a user perspective which enabled the seamless migrations of engineers and Schedulers onto our new ClickSoftware and ServiceNow system platforms prior to the traditional peak retail period.

The business is now exploring how they can leverage DNASTREAM capability and collateral in other systems implementations around the world”

Head of Business Operations Engineering

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