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Service Desk Transformation and In-Sourcing Project


Prepare, Deliver, Adopt




DNASTREAM was brought in to support knowledge transfer across Europe for a client who was training an entire Help Desk operation from a standing start.

Rapid Launch™ proved to be the ideal tool to deliver the necessary hard and soft skills within the necessary timescale. All training was managed through a cloud-based Learning Portal which scheduled people, handled registration and monitored performance, visible to the management in real time.

What We Did

DNASTREAM was able to use the cloud-based Rapid Launch™ portal to deliver knowledge transfer and training on a mixture of technical applications.

Importantly, we were also able to create content to quickly induct new employees into the culture of the firm. The training content provided information on the: 

  • Client’s complex organisational structure 

  • Shared corporate values 

  • Background to transformation project itself The Rapid Launch™ learning portal was used to track and manage training in real time. For example it provided an instantaneous record of “no shows” and any employees who failed the final assessments. This enabled immediate remedial action within the training window. DNASTREAM was able to “right size” the training requirements to deliver virtually through the portal or in a classroom environment as necessary.


This project successfully supported 300 people in their induction and training to time and to budget. Employees were located over three territories and included non-native English speakers.

DNASTREAM was able to demonstrate that Rapid Launch™ can be used to transfer both hard and soft skills. It is an effective tool to motivate and engage as well as deliver “how-to” knowledge. The Client had the additional certainty of knowing all staff had completed the courses and successfully passed the assessments as part of any compliance requirements. This was supported by comprehensive, real time management reporting.

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"This Client was set to achieve huge benefits by exiting a long term outsourcing arrangement with a third party."

"But in order to access that value they needed an unprecedented induction and training programme to be delivered quickly and efficiently across their whole European operation. Rapid Launch™ proved to be the ideal tool to deliver the necessary hard and soft skills.”

- Paul Windsor, Director, DNASTREAM

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